Getting There

by Lyn Denison


About ... Getting There

Life was all about forks in the road, Kat's best friend, Em, told her. And Kat knew she hadn't chosen wisely when it came to the forks in her road of life. It seemed each road had led to dismal failures. Her family. Her relationships. All failures. Kat didn't know why Em was still there, especially when Kat rarely took Em's advice.

However this time Kat had to admit perhaps Em was right. Renovating the old house she'd inherited gave her a project. It would take her mind off her breakup with Shael, Em said. But going back, facing her past and her bad choices, would that solve anything? She’d also be back within streets of her family home and the parents who had turned her away. Wouldn't it simply make her feel even more depressed?

Then Kat phoned a renovation company and her life took another turn. Another fork in her road opened before her and this time she so desperately wanted to make the right choice. She wanted to arrive at the right destination with the right person and she knew getting there was the most important thing she'd ever do.

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