Lyn Denison

Writer of Lesbian Romance

Lyn Denison is a writer of Lesbian Romantic Fiction.

I was born in Queensland, Australia's Sunshine State, and I was a librarian for many years before retiring to write full time. My partner of over thirty years was also a librarian and then collections manager for an art gallery and museum. Apart from reading and talking about books I enjoy travelling, cross-stitch, crafts, and I am totally addicted to Lego.


I moved around a lot as a child and chances are I missed quite a bit of the educational necessities so we won't talk about verbs and tenses and such. It makes my eyes cross and my face pale. (That's my story, etc... So be gentle with me.) The up side of moving around was the wonderful pool of different life's experiences. Some bad ( character developing), but mostly good.


I also read lots of everything from classics to so-called pot-boilers. For me reading is surely a delightful pleasure and I sincerely hope readers get some delightful pleasure from reading my books.